True Life Creations | What is Customized Alpha-Artwork?

What is Customized Alpha-Artwork?

I'm so excited to introduce to you TLC's Customized AlphaArtwork. It's a unique and innovative way to celebrate the special moments of your life. It is created out oletters captured from your desired location in the Greater Sacramento Area, and beyond. Here's how it works, Easy as 1, 2, 3... 


1) You contact me with your interest. You receive a free consultation so I can get a sense of what you want, and as the artist I can begin to conceptualize the customized artwork I will be creating just for you. 

2) We schedule a date and location for the magic to take place... Will it be in your newly purchased home? A remodeled home? Your wedding venue? Your forever home? Your place of business? A favorite park or play gound? Your office? A finished nursery? Your choice!!

3) You decide what word you want created... Your last name? An inspirational word? Your newborn's name? A favorite phrase? The name of your business / store / restaurant / company / real estate office?                                                                                            

I take it from there!! I capture those images, which usually takes about an hour, take the pictures and create a one of a kind, customized piece of AlphaArtwork just for you. Your Customized AlphaArtwork will be featured on my digital online gallery for you to view and share and in 2 weeks you will receive a beautiful, finished, unique and personalized piece of art! 

Sure, there are plenty of those sites you can go on and pick your "alphabet letter" to create a generic print but that's nothing new and special. What True Life Creations is doing is creating a whole new concept of art that you can display and cherish for decades to come. A wonderful gift for anyone! A gorgeous masterpiece that will attract attention and be the conversation centerpiece wherever it is proudly displayed. True Life Creations is also working on cutting edge, never seen before aspect of Customized AlphaArtwork to be introduced soon. Please contact me if you are interested in giving yourself, or a loved one a Customized AlphaArtwork! 






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