True Life Creations | I can't resist a blog!

I can't resist a blog!

Another photographer, another blog, but this one is me. My business. My experiences. My photography, and I am so excited to take you all along my journey from 0 - 100. So here i am, starting at 0 and someday i'll meet Oprah (she's my 100!). Yep that's right, Oprah's my benchmark, my goal, when i'm golden. So mark my words "OPRAH, i'm coming for you! i'm looking forward to meeting you sooner than later!" HEY, on a side note, if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who knows Oprah, get me in touch with her people and i'll give you a FREE Custom AlphaArtwork as a big thank you!! So anyways, back to zero, a couple weeks ago i decided to go for it... i love photography, i have a creative eye and my technical skills are decent (much more growth to go though, that's for sure!). I've been contemplating starting my photography business for a year now and decided there's no time better than TODAY! So i spent a week building this website (ugh, those technical skills ARE NOT my forte) and went live yesterday! Who knew redirecting a domain name could be so difficult, sigh, for a novice like myself. Starting a business really can highlight some weaknesses (like my patience for technical stuff) let me tell you! I reapplied for my business license (i started True Life creations 3 years ago with a different business model in mind, which is still living strong). I had my logo created by an incredible graphic design artist who really did an amazing job taking my inspiration and making it awesome. I have had a couple customers already and have some really exciting things scheduled for this month and next. I am beyond excited to share my business adventure with you!





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