All About the Details

If you've ever been on Pinterest, or thrown a party, or been to a wedding, then you know all to well... it's about the details! Those tiny little details that tie a theme together, seal the celebration of party perfection and display the thoughtfulness that has went into the event. 

I had the pleasure of taking my daughter (3 years old) to our first "Tea" together at Sunrise Community Church, and this tea was more beautiful than I could have imagined. First if all it was a Womens's Tea, Mad Hatter style. My daughter and I had a wonderful time shopping for a new dress and hat for the event, half the fun right?! Upon arriving Saturday afternoon, we were greeted with the most beautiful "Photo Booth" I've ever seen, complete with a variety of hats to pose with and the perfected themed stuffed animals to set the stage right. 

We entered the Worship Center that was transformed into a wonderland of gorgeous handcrafted centerpieces, incredible food and every tiny detail beautifully displayed. "Drink Me" tags adorned lemonade and water carafes, "Eat Me" signs were the tiniest, cutest little things, on Each. And. Every. Cupcake! There were over 500 women who attended the event, that's a whole lot of cupcakes with adorable little signs!


Gorgeous, isn't it? That's what I thought! And those were just the table settings... the speakers were great, the message was inspiring, the raffle included all ages and even the Storyteller up on stage invited all the little girls to story time and ended with a special twirl. Every aspect of the event was flawless!  


It was a beautiful celebration of women, for women, by women. I feel privileged to be among such talent and have the opportunity to enjoy an event with my daughter that was so thoughtfully planned (with my camera in hand)! If you are interested in getting involved in some awesome Women's Ministry programs, you can visit Sunrise's website Sunrise Community Church.




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