Song of the Soul

I was ecstatic when I received the custom order to create a truly personalized Alphabet Artpiece for this amazing woman who wanted to surprise her son using images from his GUITAR... a cherished instrument that was owned by the great and late Earnest Tubb. If you don't know already, I'm also a musician and LOVE all things music, especially creating artwork relating to any and all things musical. When you order a customized piece, we collaborate about possible words to be featured, this time it was decided "MUSIC" would be perfect. Let me tell you, this woman was so fun to work with! I meet the most amazing people who love and appreciate fine art, unique gifts and innovative pieces. Ok, after the word is picked, I then research quotes fitting for the piece and this time it just came to me... "Music is the song of the soul". She loved it and we scheduled's the guitar's photo-shoot.

After the photo-shoot at the client's home, I began editing, designing and creating. When you order a customized piece, I create a few different designs to choose from to ensure that each customer is 110% satisfied with their customized art. Here were the designs I created

She picked her favorite and I had it made on a gorgeous vivid metal print, size 11x14.

1 happy customer,  1 surprised son and 1 satisfied artist. It touches my heart and is incredibly satisfying to create one of a kind pieces that are meaningful, sentimental and will be cherished through the years. 

If you're interested in having a TLC Alphabet Artwork created just for YOU; celebrating your place of business,  your first home or remodel, your favorite tourist location, wedding venue, musical instrument, etc... contact me for a free design consultation and we can begin brainstorming to create a cherished piece anyone would be proud to display. 



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i love your pic alot. It touches my heart and is incredibly satisfying to create one of a kind pieces that are meaningful, sentimental and will be cherished through the years.
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