It's our birthday today and I figured it's the perfect time to introduce the new, innovative and personalized INTERACTIVE ARTWORK!

True Life Creations. Photography by Deserea, creates a truly customized art experience; capturing images from specific locations and/or events to create a treasured art piece for all to enjoy. It's the most creative way to celebrate a wedding, memory, vacation, new home, business location, experience, etc... limlitless possibilities for a truly personalized experience. This piece was created from Gold Rush Days in Old Sacramento, 2015. 

Here's a 1 minute video showing how the artwork was created...

There will be much more information about this new type of artwork that i am introducing to the market but I couldn't contain my excitement any longer and had to share my INTERACTIVE ARTWORK WITH YOU, on our 1 year anniversary! If you are interested in having a piece created for you to celebrate your wedding, birthday, party, home, remodel, anniversary, business, or anything else that comes to mind... contact me and we can work together to create this never - seen - before artwork!




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